Our First Home

Hello and welcome to the Zirkle Times. Our names are Philip and Megan Zirkle. We were married exactly 2 months ago and have jumped into this wild journey called life, headfirst. I (Megan) adopted 3 children name Alistir (age 10- tomorrow), Anders (age 4) and Cambria (age 3) last year. I have had them as part of my family since the Winter of 2009. Last fall I met this wonderful man and he had 2 children named Tyler (age 10) and Levi (age 19 mo.) We knew from the day we started talking about a relationship that it was going to be an interesting ride. There is no easy way to talk about a family of 5 children and a new life together as husband and wife without some kind of understanding of insanity.

Turns out we are both slightly insane 🙂

With that in mind, this last May we got married and pulled our two households together and united as one. All of us participated in the unity candle to make it visible to everyone (including ourselves) that we are indeed taking it serious that we are not his and hers but ours. We are no longer the Zirkle and Smiths, but just the Zirkle’s.

So to add to the insanity, upon our return from the honeymoon (No, the kids did not join us) we started the packing and moving process to, not just a new home, but a new state. We moved from Michigan to Indiana. It is not our intention or desire to be here for any longer than the length of our lease: 1 year. We are here so that my man can finish his degree and start a new career as a Respiratory Therapist.

I have to say that this house is amazing. But part of the reason I love it is because it is our first real “Our” thing. We have his car, his stuff, his this and that and of course all of my stuff too. So when we moved into this house it was the first thing we had that was a complete “ours” thing. It has 4 bedrooms, the master suite is on the main floor and the kids are all upstairs; 2.5 bathrooms; 2 stall garage (which I hope to be able to get to park in this week) and a large kitchen/dining/living space. Not to mention an unfinished basement that the kids love to play in. The backyard is huge and with some woods for the boys to explore and a dead in street with hardly any neighbors which makes it the safest and nicest place we could imagine to start out.

I am so happy here. I take my first cup of coffee out on the back deck and enjoy the sunrise while listening to the birds chirp in the woods. It’s a place of meeting with God and allowing myself to wake up before fully engaging the kids. It’s so nice to have a place… a real place to call your safe zone/wake up spot/ happy place 🙂

Some might say that raising 5 really isn’t all that different than raising 3. In some ways that’s true. If you can handle 3 it’s not really that much of a stretch to add 2 more. However, if you struggle with handling 3 then adding 2 more is a big stretch. I’m not talking about being able to provide, I’m talking about helping them thrive. I’m not talking about keeping house, or feeding, I’m talking about feeding their souls, minds, imaginations and all other ways of engagement. I am learning how to do this. And even though I now have two 10 year olds in the house… I’ve only been a mother for two years.

Our first home is going to be a place of learning. For me to learn how to be a better mother, a wife (especially since I’ve never been one of those before) and a family… united and bound forever. And this blog is going to be a place for us to share that experience with you.

I often will learn lessons by writing out my thoughts. Thus I will use this tool to both share with you the lessons learned, and to learn them myself.

I look forward to walking this journey… and for sharing the tidbits along the way.




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