Learning Curve

I have heard many people say that when you get married you discover just how selfish you really are. I discovered some of that when I became a mother, but apparently there were even deeper levels of selfishness yet to be uncovered. It’s almost amazing.

I have learned that in order to really change you have to face the truth of the situation head on… but that truth… well, it’s not always friendly or easy. Most of the time it’s just plain nasty. Or at least that is how it feels.

There is no need for me to post the situation or the actual lesson. But it is needed to voice the fact that I am in fact a fallen human in desperate need of her savior. And I am grateful for a husband that is patient and kind and willing to walk with me in truth through these lessons.

Learning to be a good wife and good mother… well… let no one tell you it’s easy.



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