Everyday life… doldrums, monotony, routine, same ole’ same ole… there really isn’t much excitement in the everyday life. Or is there?

I’ve been thinking about a lot of things lately. Having 5 kids has made my life much more stressful… just the noise levels are enough to do that. But the amount of food, laundry, time (how do you give every kid the amount of time they all desire?) as a result, I’ve been looking for ways to take the stress levels out.

The routine of life helps, get up, get AJ off to school, get breakfast, dress and get going with the day. But the best thing to combat stress? Sleep. I know it sounds so obvious… but it’s true. I’ve been having a lot of trouble sleeping- bad dreams, and just a rough time sleeping. BUT last night I slept. Like really slept. For the first time in a long time… it was wonderful.

Second best thing… looking for the joys in life. First things- Cam’s first time washing her hair by “herself” and watching the joy of accomplishment. Anders first time cleaning a whole room by himself- seeing delight in his face in the praise. Both of them “helping” me before and after dinner- we all loved that. And Levi’s first words- NO, Stop, baby, daddy, mommy, bubby, and a few others. AJ’s first days of school coming home with big grins on his face. And Tyler enjoying some much needed/ desired time with Philip.

I find things funny, like teasing the kids and watching them respond… and then tease me. I like watching the wrestling and play with all 7 of us piled on. I like hearing laughter as the kids play. I like watching them cheer for each other when we play games. I like holding and loving the pictures they draw… and I like watching them do the chore list and feeling so proud of themselves.

Everyday can be boring, but it can also be full of blessings and simple joys. Depends on your perspective 🙂

What does yours look like?Image


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