So the diagnosis of non-broken arm turned out to be incorrect. I took AJ to the ER today to have it double checked, because something wasn’t adding up. He just wasn’t holding his arm correctly.

Turns out he has a rare location brake in the forearm, just before it meets the wrist. He’s fine, been using the arm since the accident, but now he’s pumped that he gets a cast. That will be tomorrow’s adventure.

I’m at a loss for what else to write… I’m feeling kinda down.

I miss you people, and I don’t want to be here in Indiana anymore.

Pray for my heart and please pray for quick healing for AJ.




Writing everyday is definitely going to be harder than it sounds… I’ve already missed three days and didn’t even realize it until now. Geez.

Oh well… I’m not going to beat myself up… I am just going to update you on my couple of busy days. 🙂

Over the weekend I experienced some serious insomnia and felt half human/half serious monster. I could barely function and everyone felt it.

But finally I got a great night sleep Sunday night and slept for like 10 hours and woke up a new person. Sheets stripped, laundry caught up, kitchen scoured, and a ton more done. Went to bed last night feeling like things were back to normal.

Today was another day of goodness. It was a day spent trying to do some extra stuff with Cam. First we emptied the dishwasher together (she did the silverware and did a magnificent job) and then a load of laundry (she pushes the clothes into the dryer) and then we made lunch together.

At this point I should mention I’m not that great with cooking with kids. I’d much prefer to do it and get it over with. However, today was fun. Grilled cheese and tomato soup. She made the soup! She poured out the stuff from the can, I measured the milk, she poured it in. Then she stood at the stove and stirred it and made sure it was not scorched and good. She did a great job.

This afternoon we made Jello tye-dyed cupcakes. Grape, Strawberry and Lime Jello mixed with white cake mix. All I have to say is, it’s interesting. But the kids love it!

IMG_0257 IMG_0258


Yep, He’s a Boy!

Sometimes I get the impression that AJ might just be all computer nerd. And I do use that term in the most possible loving way (I have lots of nerds for friends, so it’s a term of endearment for me 🙂 )… but yes, he’s all about the computer and math. Most of the time I have to restrict the computer just to get him to do anything, especially go outside.

But on occassion, I get the true picture.

This summer it was him playing baseball with the neighbor boys and slipping on a snake… yep, the only boy I know that kills a snake by slipping on it’s head, as he’s running the bases. He was a pretty normal boy on that day. He came inside, waited til his friends were gone and then started crying.

Today, well… we saw that normal boy again.

He decided to be an adventurer and ride his bike down the hill that is our street. Only it didn’t go as planned. As he’s going down he lost all control, flipped over the handlebars and fell headfirst using his arms to brace himself.

He got all the way inside before I heard anything (I even had the windows open today) and then all the boy machoism vanished into a jellypool of tears. To his credit he was really beat up. Scrapes on his nose, arms and legs. His arm had me frightened for a minute, I thought it might be broken. But all bones are intact, but it’s going to be really colorful tomorrow.

It does this momma proud to hear the sounds of a basketball game being played and boys having fun outside. Trampoline, games, dares and all. Plus to see him so tired and happy from playing so hard… it’s just something that makes us all happy.

If you think about it tonight, throw up a prayer for his really bruised up arm. And say a prayer of thanks for the blessings of friends in his life, and the non-broken arm 🙂 I know I am saying a bunch of them myself!


Scavenger Hunt Begins/ January 8

I am WAY behind in posting…

Alistir has been assigned a scavenger hunt. When I was in 4th grade it was called a report. Last year it was a board game for Tyler, this year it’s a scavenger hunt for information about local and state history and government.

We have to go all over the area collecting pictures, autographs, cards and more for him to put together in a scrapbook and call it a state assignment.

There really isn’t a way for him to do much of it without parental help… I wonder what kids do when their parents don’t help…

So, we are going to tackle it and make it family fun 🙂

I have to say I’m kinda excited.

We went out to a neighboring town and took a picture of the first location of the state capitol. It was cute. The town and the capitol… so tiny by today’s standards. They moved it in 1825…

I’ll post some pictures when we are all done 🙂


I Choose…

I wrote this a long time ago… seems I need to keep relearning the same lessons…

I choose to trust You

Even when the view is slim

I choose to trust You

Even when my heart grows grim

I choose to trust You

When my paths are unclear

I choose to trust You

When the shadows bring a tear

I choose to trust You

When my finances are gone

I choose to trust You

I choose to trust You

When life is just no fun

I choose to trust You

When hope is fading fast

I choose to trust You

When life is at it’s last

I choose to trust You

For when this life is over

And I’m safely home at last

All my trusting is in Your favor

And I’ll see Your face and be held fast