January 4

OOPS! I forgot to post this yesterday..

The day was pretty boring… I drove for 6.5 hours to drop off Tyler to his mom…but on the way I listened to a new CD my sister gave me for Christmas – Casting Crowns Come to the Well.

I was pulled into this deep place of worship… lots of time spent in prayer and just a beautiful time alone in the car…

This song.. it spoke to me.

Casting Crowns Face Down lyrics

I try to find a new way to tell You Some way to show You what You mean to me There’s nothing new I exhaust myself searching The world just keeps turning What else can I do “Cause I find myself empte and
(Chorus) Face down Having nothing else to cling to But need of love that only You can give Face down Where I know that I belong And I pray with grace that this world sees in me Someone humbled and broken at Your feet
I stand amazed See the work of Your hands Still I don’t understand why you would rescue me An empty cross, where You suffered and bled Overcoming my death, recreating me With this freedom I will be
So I’m asking for Your help Just can’t do this by myself After all, this life’s for You and not for me Through Your mercy now I see Brokenness is what I need So I’ll stay right here at Your feet Right here at Your feet and

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