Yep, He’s a Boy!

Sometimes I get the impression that AJ might just be all computer nerd. And I do use that term in the most possible loving way (I have lots of nerds for friends, so it’s a term of endearment for me 🙂 )… but yes, he’s all about the computer and math. Most of the time I have to restrict the computer just to get him to do anything, especially go outside.

But on occassion, I get the true picture.

This summer it was him playing baseball with the neighbor boys and slipping on a snake… yep, the only boy I know that kills a snake by slipping on it’s head, as he’s running the bases. He was a pretty normal boy on that day. He came inside, waited til his friends were gone and then started crying.

Today, well… we saw that normal boy again.

He decided to be an adventurer and ride his bike down the hill that is our street. Only it didn’t go as planned. As he’s going down he lost all control, flipped over the handlebars and fell headfirst using his arms to brace himself.

He got all the way inside before I heard anything (I even had the windows open today) and then all the boy machoism vanished into a jellypool of tears. To his credit he was really beat up. Scrapes on his nose, arms and legs. His arm had me frightened for a minute, I thought it might be broken. But all bones are intact, but it’s going to be really colorful tomorrow.

It does this momma proud to hear the sounds of a basketball game being played and boys having fun outside. Trampoline, games, dares and all. Plus to see him so tired and happy from playing so hard… it’s just something that makes us all happy.

If you think about it tonight, throw up a prayer for his really bruised up arm. And say a prayer of thanks for the blessings of friends in his life, and the non-broken arm 🙂 I know I am saying a bunch of them myself!



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