So the diagnosis of non-broken arm turned out to be incorrect. I took AJ to the ER today to have it double checked, because something wasn’t adding up. He just wasn’t holding his arm correctly.

Turns out he has a rare location brake in the forearm, just before it meets the wrist. He’s fine, been using the arm since the accident, but now he’s pumped that he gets a cast. That will be tomorrow’s adventure.

I’m at a loss for what else to write… I’m feeling kinda down.

I miss you people, and I don’t want to be here in Indiana anymore.

Pray for my heart and please pray for quick healing for AJ.



One thought on “great…

  1. Same thing happened with Josh when he fell off the slide at school. It seemed like it was okay but ended up being a buckle fracture. We’ve got some tough boys.

    And I wish you were up here too! Miss you tons!

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