So the accident of January 25, 2013 was one for the record books. I’ve never been in an accident like that before. Fender benders that total a car because of it’s lack of value, sure, but nothing compared to this.

We have driven in bad snow many times before, and we were being as cautious as we could be. A little scared because truly this was our first drive in the snow since last winter. As Indiana doesn’t really have much winter at all.

We were driving up 131 to the Belmont exit to go pick up Tyler from his mom’s so that he could spend the weekend with us and one mile short of that exit a car spun out getting off the on-ramp and caused everyone to slam brakes. When we slammed ours we hit a patch of ice and not knowing there was the first car spinning we left our lane (to avoid collision) for the shoulder… the shoulder is where the first car was waiting and collision was impossible to avoid.

A head on collision and everyone walked away with only bruises. My lower stomach was literally black for about three weeks, but the pain only stayed for about one and a half weeks. The kids got seat-belt burns, but otherwise fine. And Philip was braced well, but sore for a few days. Honestly, it was the hand of God that kept us safe and in one piece.

All the airbags went off, and we were in the middle lane by the time everything stopped. And the fact that we didn’t get hit again seemed to be a miracle in itself.

People stopped and helped us. And even though it was difficult we were able to get a rental car for the weekend and for the way home. (A big thanks to my aunt who helped us out with that, since we don’t have a credit card.)

Anyway… the van was declared totaled and within a week our insurance company had closed the case and given us the check for the van. It was crazy how fast and nice the insurance company was. I guess it helped that even the cop decided we could not have avoided that accident and were not at fault.

Even in this mess, God’s hand was apparent. Protection, provision and care. Not to mention we still had a somewhat nice time hanging together as a family – despite our aches and pains that weekend.

Take a look at the ugly mess that was our van. 🙂 Praise God with us that we all walked away fine 🙂

IMG_0266 IMG_0268


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