Vent about “Holidays”

Has anyone else out there noticed that all holidays require some kind of special food or candy?

If you can name one holiday that isn’t associated with food, I’ll give you a prize. (I admit, I don’t necessarily call Valentines or St. Patty’s or Halloween a real holiday- but they still require candy or special food. As for those other “Hallmark holidays” I don’t even count them at all.)

Valentines- Chocolate, candy, and cake

St. Patty’s Day- Corn Beef, Cabbage, potatoes, carrots. – not alltogether bad, just food related. (Shamrock shakes) Green candy

Easter- Candy, eggs, big meal

Memorial Day- Cookout, big meal, desserts

4th of July- Cookout, big meal, desserts

Labor Day- Cookout, big meal, desserts

Halloween- Candy, candy, candy

Thanksgiving- HUGE meal, desserts out the ears.

Christmas- HUGE meal, desserts, candy

It’s as if we Americans need more excuses to eat huge meals and feel it’s ok. Or to buy outrageous amounts of candy numerous times a year and feel it’s ok to feed it to ourselves and our kids.

I’m not trying to sound all high and mighty, or even healthy. I love Christmas and Easter and Thanksgiving as much as the next person. But when my own kids can’t think of anything else but the candy and the treats and not about the truth of those days… it makes me sick and I want to throw it all away and never buy candy again.  I acknowledge that might be a little on the extreme… and only the surface issue.

Truth is, it’s hard to teach our kids the truth about holidays when they are bombarded with untruth every second of every season. To have it become their natural response to any given holiday.  It’s even harder to teach control and moderation when that is something I myself have yet to figure out.

Sometimes I wish I could reprogram my brain and in essence reprogram the world around us. To have Christmas and Easter be about Christ’s birth and Resurrection. And gatherings with friends and family not require food… or at least as much of it. And for moderation to be natural and easy. As for those “holidays” that exist for gluttony only? I would wish them away.

I know that these wishes will never happen. I know that truth comes from teaching, hearing and learning things of God’s Word. I know that moderation comes from self-control and self-control through Jesus.  And I know that I cannot control the world, or even my kids for that matter, but I can control what is brought into our home and how to present it. And this world will never change. We have to change our worldview.

But I can still wish 😉


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