I guess I need surgery

As you know, I am pregnant.

A couple of weeks ago I was curled up in a tight little ball on my bed and in a lot of pain. It scared me enough that I went to the Emergency Room.

I got a sonogram and saw the precious little jumping bean and was crying with joy like a baby at watching it. But they also did a sonogram on my upper GI tract and they found my gallbladder needs to be removed.

Apparently it has been full of stones for a while… from what they can tell, and now that I’m pregnant it’s acting up and causing all kinds of fun issues.

Most of the pain has been manageable, but late Monday afternoon the pain went to a whole different level. I’m talking flat on my back crying if I moved kind of pain.

So now I’m waiting to meet with a surgeon. The meeting is on the 25th… I’m hoping to make it until then so that I can talk with him rationally rather than being rushed through the ER again. I want to know all the risks and stats and everything else involved with this surgery while pregnant.

Would you please pray with me… we are heading to West Virginia tomorrow (Thursday) if my pain can subside long enough to be manageable (like it was today.)

1. Pray that the pain would back off… the longer the better.

2. Pray that I can have a higher pain tolerance and not be so mean with the kids in my pain.

3. Pray that Philip (bless his awesome little heart) doesn’t have to take me to the ER instead of a date on our trip to W. V.

I appreciate your prayers, your friendship and your love.



One thought on “I guess I need surgery

  1. Heika says:

    Praying lady…praying for the miracles you need right now. Love you!

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