I haven’t written a whole lot lately… and it’s kinda on purpose. While it’s not quiet or boring at our house, and I’ve definitely have a ton of things floating around in my head and heart… the ability to properly put things together in a coherent and complete thought has been a bit of a challenge.

The other day I was just trying to tell Philip that I got some sun on my face and it took me like 4 tries to say it without sounding like a first grader trying to describe the feel of jello.  (completely silly) And by the way, that was not an exaggeration.

Some updates though, I think are needed.

1. Since my last post on the gallbladder: About the first of July the pain suddenly stopped. No explanation, no change, not one thing to account for it… but the pain stopped and hasn’t come back.  While one part of my brain wants to demand understanding, the entire rest of me is just thanking Jesus. Because trust me…. I didn’t want surgery, nor could I handle that pain for too much longer.

2. I am 21 weeks and 2 days today. I look really pregnant and I feel as round as a beach ball. Has there ever been a woman to truly feel beautiful in this process? While I appreciate the growing another human aspect… there is a part of me that does not enjoy watching that scale go up even a pound.

3. We have found a church that I really like. It’s small. It’s Baptist (something that I didn’t think I would ever do again). And did I mention small? But it’s looking more and more like it’s going to be a good fit for us. The pastor is young. And yes, I get to say that, because he is younger than me! However, he seems to have an amazing heart for the Lord and for the people of his church. Tonight he arrived at our door unexpectedly and told me that he can’t stand not following up with people and serving them where they are… I have to tell you, beyond the things that I’ve already come to appreciate, that was an amazing thing to hear.

4. We have a puppy. If you follow me on Facebook you already know that… and know that she’s adorable and her name is Pepper. When I named her that it was because she looked like she rolled in pepper… well, it’s come to represent her personality pretty darn well too. She’s a pug.  She’s a pain in the tuchas.

5. We have the major doc visit/ ultrasound on Monday. I’m pretty stoked. We were given one test result that told us the sex of the baby… but I want full confirmation by US before I announce the gender to the world.

6. Beyond the discomfort of pregnancy,  I have felt the baby move a TON! So far that is the only thing about being pregnant I like… But it is totally awe-inspiring. I love learning how the baby is growing and then feeling it.  Watch this clip for awe-inspiring love for God’s complicated and beautiful creation of man in the womb.

Please don’t get me wrong… I am excited about this little wonder!  (BTW, the baby is moving during the entire time I have been writing about it 🙂 )

Life in general is complicated (Baby is stealing my memory and brain) it is beautiful (kids are having such a good summer) it is normal (there is still screaming, fighting and goofing off of everyday life.) Life is good.

Praise Jesus!


One thought on “Pregnancy

  1. Good to read your message. Sounds like a normal household to me. Levi chatting to the top of his lungs, princess Cambria getting into stuff and Alistir saying, all mom. Thank God you haven’t been sick to your stomach and vomiting everyday like I did. Nothing can be worse than Gall Bladder attacks but the horrible sickness was not pleasant either. Sounds like you guys are having a normal life.

    What is the name of your Church? How small is small, like 20 members or more. Dad and I are doing fine. Still no answers about my thyroid. Am going to get an apt to see an ENT in Clarksburg. I need someone to take care of my sinus problems as well as Thyroid. I sent Philip an e-mail, did he read it. Love you guys, would love to come up but don’t know when at this point. So much that has to be done. Been working on the back deck between rain storms. Rains every day or night. The ground is still soaked.

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