Pre-teen Boys

This is like opening a can of worms… but I’m going to do it anyway.

Preteen boys are exasperating! They eat. They drink. And they think the world revolves around them. Oh, and they know everything, and I do mean everything! When proven wrong they are still convinced they are right. When the cycle is complete they eat again and then some more later.

Now don’t get me wrong, these boys can also have moments of being SUPER helpful and kind. They have hiccups in their routine where they might actually care and want to entertain and be with the younger “annoying little siblings”, but overall, if given the choice… all about them, all the time.

I only exist for 3 reasons.

1. To rid them of said annoyances.

2. To feed them- this is of greatest importance

3. To entertain them, when their preferred method of entertainment has been removed. AKA- I told them to turn off whatever device they have stared at for the last 3 hours unblinkingly. (It’s kinda creepy really)

I kinda like existing… but I would rather exist for reasons like

1. “Mom, you are so awesome, I just want to hang with you”

2. “Mom, can I help you with making the food that I’m going to consume like a flock of sheep on fresh grass?”

3. “Mom, thank you for giving me built in playmates, how can I play with them better?”

HA! I know, it’s a joke. It’s NEVER going to happen, but my mind often wonders how life would be different if we didn’t have these wonderful, horrid things called computers and video game systems?

I will admit to spending way too much time staring at the screen sometimes. Grocery lists, menu ideas, cleaning tips, shopping for clothes- since they never seem to fit the same clothes 3 weeks in a row, you know… mom stuff. And if I were honest a few games that have captured my addictive pattern… darn Candy Crush Saga!

But I have to get up and feed them, clean the house around them, and occasionally play with little peoples. Then feed them again! (School will be a nice break from all the feeding them 🙂 )

I have chores set up for them, and requirements of reading but I still want to toss those stupid devises out the window!

How do you convince a child that the world around them is so much bigger than themselves? That discovering and playing in the woods and with the dog will have lasting memories whereas the computer will be only a glitch in the radar? Memories built with family last, but with a devise will  disappear.

I miss the boys that wanted to play with kids and hang out outside and go places with the family. Yeah, they would rather stay home and play on the darn devises than go to the zoo with the family. If only their mean, horrible mom (and dad) would let them! I mean, I’m so nasty! I make them go to the beach, to picnics, family vacations and random outings with no devises! Can you believe it?!

I’ve been warned that this stage is only the beginning of headaches and heartbreak. Why is growing up so painful… for the parent?! Oh yeah, and for them too… 😛


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