Abundant, Overflowing, Extravagant Blessings

This month started out with me writing posts every day about the things for which I’m thankful. At first it was just to help change my hearts pattern of complaint. But it ended up transforming my mind, attitude, and even eyesight.

After I thought of three things everyday, I started to see more and more things… and three a day was just the icing on the blessing cakes that I was getting served everyday.

Then 8 days into the project, the biggest blessing decided it was time to come over a month early. I was scared, upset, crying and begging God for protection and care, and I got so much more.

This was part of one of my posts from this month :

“…Thank you all for your prayers and encouragement and love. I have seen through this last week just how blessed I really am. A family that drops everything to help us and even cleans our toilets, amazing doctors (who visit us on their day off!) friends who sacrifice their weekend to give us time to sleep, and a church family that is coming around us too. I honestly could not ask for more!” 

Honestly the blessings have been abundant, overflowing, and extravagant! Every day I am blessed more and more… and I needed to let you all know just how much…. thus this post.

So, starting with hospital choices, Metro Health was an awesome experience. The nurses were beyond sweet, they were helpful, kind, friends even. They made my stay there most enjoyable. Not to mention the care they gave both me and the baby.

Autumn (the newest addition in our life) came into the world with a little difficulty breathing and some concern for her ability to leave the NICU. They originally told me that she would spend 2 days in the NICU and within 7 hours of her birth she arrived in my room to stay.

They also told me that because of her cleft lip and palette she would never be able to breastfeed. She defied that as well. Now, she’s not able to do it all the time, but she can do it and that is more of a blessing than this momma’s heart can describe.  When in the hospital for jaundis and other issues, the nurses and staff at DeVos were extraordinary! Having her pediatrician come to the hospital on her day off was beyond expectation and a blessing to my heart. Not to mention the conversation and education we got from the plastic surgeon who will be doing her surgery in a few months. She truly has the best care wrapped all around her, giving me such peace and that is a true blessing too.

Philip and I were a little concerned about Levi and his response to no longer being the baby in the house… but it turned out that even though there is a normal amount of jealousy, he really is an awesome big brother. He holds her, talks to her, helps me take care of her and brags about her to others. My heart is truly blessed by this little boys happy response to these changes. He is growing by leaps and bounds… and such a smart kid! He’s learned his alphabet song, recognizes a lot of numbers, can count to 12 and knows so many colors and shapes! I’m telling you he’s not even 3 yet! He is such a joy!

Cambria is a huge ray of sunshine in this house. I admit, there have been many times when I have been blind or annoyed by her sunshine, but I cannot help but be dazzled by it lately. She’s sensative to the needs of the littlest princess, cares about what momma is doing, learning about being a momma, and then dances the day away with smiles, giggles and sparkling personality. She does her homework with enthusiasm, learning is a joy for her and she is thriving in school. She loves to help and such a tender and loving heart. Her teacher loves having her… and I adore my little Cambria Joy!

Alistir is such a sweet boy. He is smart and willing to help. Growing like a weed and trying so hard to learn what it means to be a boy after God’s heart. He is learning… and for that I am grateful.

Tyler has such a tender heart and it blesses me. He took it on himself to have his mom help him make a meal to bring us in the hospital, so that we didn’t have to worry about it. He constantly is working with the other kids to help me out. He is such a blessing.

Our home was filled with food from church members every day. And my family worked so hard to make sure the kids were taken care of, the house was cleaned and our family was set while I was still in the hospital. Not to mention the shower that I was supposed to have, but didn’t because baby came, people were so generous and brought the gifts over anyway so we could have them when she came home.

This week, the teachers of Alistir and Cambria were so nice and called me for conferences. They are so kind and we are blessed in how much they care for our kids. They really want what is best and will do whatever is necessary to help the kiddos excel!

Honestly, the blessings are so incredible… I cannot even list them all… that just proves how blessed we are.



One thought on “Abundant, Overflowing, Extravagant Blessings

  1. Sharon says:

    Hi Megan,
    Glad everyone is doing so well. Most children love having a new addition to the family. So glad Levi is doing well. You are a great MOM. We love you and yours.

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