A Year It Has Been

If you had told me last Christmas where I would be today, well… I would have laughed and called you nuts. But here I sit, and upon reflection am completely amazed by all that has happened. Since I am so fantastic about sending letters and Christmas cards (HA!) I am going to use this media as the way of sending our Christmas letter.

A year it has been, in review:


Anders was living with my Aunt in Michigan and we got the call to see if we would consider letting my cousins to adopt him.

AJ broke his arm riding his bike down the hill by our house in Indiana.

We came to Michigan to drop AJ off to Winterblast at Camp Beechpoint, and totalled the van on the way to pick up Tyler for the weekend. That same weekend met with my cousins to talk through and make it official to start the adoption process.


Not much happened in this month… except my awesome husband took me on a cruise through the Caribbean. Such a blessed time away and fun for us as a couple.  🙂


Brought us back to Michigan to visit family and friends on Spring Break. I finally met my adorable and amazing nephew Amadeo.

Oh, and I got pregnant.


April was a quiet month, but only because we were busy packing and looking for a place to move to back in Michigan! That and I was always sick…

I also went to an amazing retreat and was struck by what God had to say to me that weekend.


AJ finished his school year… and we found the house, finished up the packing and moved our massive truck of junk back to Michigan.


Discovered I must have my Gallbladder removed. Asked for prayer and was healed from the massive amount of pain and torment it brought.

Tyler graduated from Elementary school and gave a great speech at his graduation ceremony.

We got the adorable and lively pup Pepper.


We went to West Virginia to visit family and Cambria put a nice scar on her forehead while there. It was such a beautiful visit (well other than the scar bit 🙂 )

AJ turned 11, can you believe it?

Celebrated 2 year anniversary of Official Adoption!

Also went to the local fair and I got to ride an elephant. I can’t get over the fact that that actually happened 🙂 It was so cool!


We took the family to Myrtle Beach, SC. A crazy deal and an amazing trip of memories. I cannot list all the fun, but it will never be forgotten!


School started and Cambria has begun the school life. My heart broke a bit to realize my baby girl was in school… but she was in love from the first minute.


My birthday happened… yep, I’m feelin the age a bit.

We celebrated all 9 birthdays from Oct- Dec at the end of the month. Craziness…

Also had an amazing baby shower with a bunch of great friends.


Tyler turned 12, also very hard to imagine!

… And a week later, when I was supposed to be having my next baby shower, Baby Girl Autumn arrived. 🙂 We couldn’t believe how early she was, and all the drama around her surprise arrival. Praising God for the quick recovery from the illness and struggle that came with being early!

Thanksgiving at our house with the family (minus a couple that were very much missed). A fabulous day! So much to be thankful for!


Cambria turned 5 and Levi 3!!

The house is busy and humming with activity as family and friends visit and meet the baby and celebrate Christmas with us.

Although our year had lots of stuff, good and bad, we are blessed by where God has brought us. And we look forward to what He will bring us this coming year!

May you all be blessed by Christ this Christmas and be filled with love, joy and blessings in the coming new year.

Megan and Family