Summer/ Early Fall Happenings

It’s been a long time since I’ve written anything more than a couple of sentences on Facebook. My journal has even suffered lately. However, there has been so much happening that I feel it will take forever to update what few readers I have in all that has gone on.

So, I will start with the end of school, beginning of Summer and fill you in on our amazing Summer as a family!

In early April we renewed our lease on our house in Kentwood and were super happy to not have to move for another year, giving ourselves a break and allowing our kids to have more than one school year in one school. We were talking, planning and working out how to get a house next year and wondering which loan we would choose and all that other fun stuff.

In May we decided to join the Zirkle clan at the beach in North Carolina in late June.

In early June, Philip was given a free cruise again and told me that we were going on a cruise, ­čÖé I of course was super excited! This cruise was planned for early August.

In the middle of June we discover that we could be pre-approved for a house loan… NOW. So, we started looking at houses and dreaming, not really taking any of them seriously because- as far as we were concerned- this was a dream that wasn’t supposed to happen til next year. ┬áBut as we were looking we found this house that was perfect! The right square footage, rooms, bathrooms, layout, land, location, everything was what we wanted.

So, I placed a call to our fantastic friend, grandma and now Realtor,  Deb. We just wanted to look. To dream a little. But the house was already off the market and we were out of luck. Then we decided that maybe this dream could in fact be had now, and our kids could start school next year in the school that they would be in for the rest of their school career. Maybe we could settle and become rooted sooner?

We looked, got discouraged, and decided that we were, in fact, going to hold off until next year.

(In the middle of all this we also found out that Philip and I finally have medical coverage and can finally get the help we need in getting healthy. Philip found the doctor and we both really like him. We both have been put on the medicines that we need to be healthier and I have also seen a dentist for all my mouth problems that I’ve been having. The doctor has subjected me to a series of tests and things and have found that I have some medical issues that need to be addressed immediately. )

The day after we decided that we saw that our dream home was back on the market. Amazed we called Deb and asked if it could be true? She confirmed it and we set up a showing for the following day.

The house was everything that we thought it would be… and in some ways even better. Storage, room, and absolutely perfect. (For us, no house is really perfect.)

We put the offer in while at the showing. It was accepted before we went to bed that night. We navigated through all the headaches of getting approved and then, after a month of such headaches, discovered that our loan guy lied to us and we were denied our loan and set back to square one. We were devastated, angry, and discouraged. Philip and I decided that we were just going to give up and try again next year. But Deb, our rescuer, called and said that it all was a bunch of hooey and that we needed to try again, through a different route and that she would help us get it all done.

While going through the headaches of all this we went to the beach with the Zirkles. It was a beautiful time of family, food, fun, beach and sun. Perfect weather and it was probably one of the best weeks we’ve had in a long time. When we got back we worked on what Deb told us we needed to do. Totally believing that it was pointless and useless. (I told you we were discouraged)

We (OK, who am I kidding? Philip found them, as always.) also found great ticket prices for a day at Six Flags Great America in Chicago, IL. As a family we went and tried to enjoy that craziness… however, I think everyone in Chicago had that same idea as we did and went that same day! What a MESS!!

When we came home, we got ready and two days later were on our way to our cruise. It was perfect. A time for us to reconnect. Relax, and enjoy each other. Since when we got married we became an instant BIG family it’s hard for us to go out and have much of that quality time that makes for romantic and fun marriage. That is why this was so important for us. We desperately needed to get away from the madness and be a couple. Our awesome family took part in making that happen for us. Philip’s parents and siblings took the kids and my aunt and uncle gave us room and board for the layover times in Florida. Trust me, I am EXTREMELY┬á grateful for all their help.

Once we arrived home, almost immediately we found we were approved and we were going to get our house! Once that happened I finally packed our first box, and took down our pictures that were on the wall. Now I knew that God had really given us this home. (I’m telling you it really was miraculous the way it all came together. )

So now we are in our new home, our old house was finished this past week (cleaning, repairs and turning in keys) and we are happily setting up this house as our home for the long haul. And we are happy… really happy.

Oh, and those medical issues I mentioned? Well… I’m having surgery in October. It’s an insurance companies favorite… 3 issues for the price of one surgery. I will be having weight loss surgery (the sleeve, for those who are curious) my gall bladder removed, and a Hiatal┬áhernia repaired, all at the same time. This should also fix my liver issues and my major pain issues.

My liver issues were keeping me from losing weight, and losing weight will fix the liver issues. So the surgery is one way to insure that I get the life changing weight loss I’ve been working for and take care of my body for long term health.

An update on Autumn. Since her surgery in May she has PACKED on the pounds and is growing like a weed! She will be having her second surgery (to finish her lip) will be happening in November or December.

As a family we are doing better than ever and have a very bright future. Thank you for praying for us, loving us and please keep doing so!

Praising Jesus for all the blessings,